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To provide hygienic, healthy, and quality food.


To be the most trusted brand for food in terms of hygiene, quality, and taste for customers.

What We Do

We are offering a wide variety of food services including Institutional catering, packed food, parties, weddings, corporate events etc. We want to be the most trusted food partner for your events and daily catering needs. We provide a variety of cuisine options as per your requirement.

We also offer a fully customized menu for lunch, dinner, corporate events, and catering. For more information, please contact our Business Development team at either of the following:

Our Core Values
Honesty and Trust

We maintain a strong relationship with our clients and stakeholders with utmost regards to honesty and mutual trust.


We promote a culture of ownership within our organization where a culture of taking initiatives and ownership for work nurtures.

Customer Service

One of our top most regards is for Customer Service through proper and clear communication as well as creating an atmosphere of trust between clients and company.

Why Choose Eat

The Taste

Curated with the finest ingredients by the master chefs of desi foods.

Health & hygiene

We are ensuring the highest quality and standards in the culinary industry.

The Presentation

Food grade, microwave-safe and recyclable plastic tray made with precision to match the quality of food and presented in a way that you deserve.

A Complete Meal!

High-quality food combined with a drink,condiments, cutlery and dessert and a mouth freshener - all served in cost effective packages.

Hassle-Free Eating

The cutlery won't break, the tray won't tear, the taste is perfect and the napkin along with drink are all there, so order & relax and let us manage everything for you.

Our Clients

Computer Information Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Digital Eggheads
Foree Pay (Pvt.) Ltd.
Gerry’s Dnata
PTV Network
PTV Corporate
The Blue Dot
TRAX Logistics
Bank AL Habib Ltd.
Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates
Ryan Containers
Dolmen Mall
Careem NOW
Dot Zero

What Our Customers Say

“I just love the aroma and taste of Biryani. Excellent! Got a Beef Biryani and it tasted just perfect. You can taste the different flavours, rice cooked to perfection and the beef succulent. Huge portion and attractive neat packaging. 100% better than a lot of businesses offering biryani in town. Keep it up ! Highly recommended for biryani lovers.”
Amber Awan
“A COMPLETE PACKAGE INDEED. IT WAS SO EASY TO SERVE AT THE PARTY! biryani was on point. exceptional cutlery and raita. mouth freshner was cherry on top! 😍 ♥️ Comfort food • Creative cuisine • Large portions ”
Abeer Fatima
“Biryani is always our first priority in desi foods so I tried these biryani boxes from EAT! The Biryani was amazing. It was a complete meal with great individual compartments of biryani, salad, raita and cold drink 10/10 on hygiene with it's own cutlery and 10/10 for taste. Overall a great experience. I recommended for biryani lovers... Eat! The food company.”
Faheem Khoso
“Lovely presentation. Great tasting. Very clean.”
Atif Asad Jan
“Great taste and amazing presentation! Great food.”
Sukaina Imran
“Excellent! Got a Chicken and beef biryani and it tasted just perfect... the best biryani I ever had.”
Tamoor Ghaouri
“Unique presentation with tasty beef biryani what else you want. highly recommended.”
Arsalan Mehboob
“It was really yummy. Tried chicken biryani. Presentation was unique 👍 Tasting menus.”
Syed Muhammad Hassan Naqvi
“Awesome presentation and packaging. Biryani had a wonderful taste to it. Highly recommended.👍👍 Creative cuisine • Large menu • Great food”
Sarosh Mehdi
“Today I had the best biryani after a long time. Finally, I found a place where I can order hygienic food. If anybody wants good quality food with luxurious packing at a reasonable price go for it. Healthy options • Fine dining”
Shereen Khanzada
“I was expecting the food to follow in the old tradition but was pleased to find the menus trending in a contemporary direction with emphasis on lean, fresh and organic fare, on the top the presentation was note worthly impressive.The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price. I would highly recommend it. Kudos team Eat Foods!!”
Mustafa Sahibzada
“presentation with quality hygiene and taste Creative cuisine.”
Kumail Sabuwala
“awesome work keep it up 👍 Great food.”
Fatima Sheikh
“Scrumptious, piping hot biryani! Totally worth the hype! Thank you good fellas!”
Iqra Adeel
“Taste beef pulao 😍👌 Chicken biryani So clean So Yum Easy to carry and eat anywhere 👌✌.”
Arbaz Memon
“Now you can have fresh and hygenic food from @eatfoodspk. Food is nicely presented in a tray with the serving of chicken biryani, raita, salad, drink, cutlery and a sapari. ❤️ Though i've found the price little high but as food is fresh and made on order so it is worth paying for hygienic food. From my side it is highly recommended ”
“A superbly special gift from an incessantly special brand! P.S: Uddhaammmm Biryaaaniiii Thankyou super awesome @eatfoodspk”
Billboard Pakistan
“A very very special gift from a super duper special brand! I mean....dhamaakaa biryaanii🏼 Thankyou loads @eatfoodspk.”
Runway Pakistan
“BIRYANI IN A TRAY — @eatfoodspk reached out to us to sample and review their unique concept and we are happy to report it’s a 👍🏼 from us. Biryani, extremely fragrant, came piping hot, which is miraculous given the windy weather, with a flavoursome raita and chopped salad. We love the concept of there being a full meal in this tray, reasonably priced at PKR 299+tax for 5 items. Thank you @eatfoodspk for sending this in. More power to local food businesses!”
“If you're in #Karachi and want to have an amazing #BeefBiryani with a great experience at your doorstep then @eatfoodspk should be your only preference. Loved It!!.”

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We are striving to make your events succulent. Pre - order in bulk for your family events and corporate team-meets. Also, Eat! is offering your favorite food for daily lunch at your workplace through its custom-made menu.